Rabu, 27 Februari 2008

lightcontrol.pngThe Aurora Multimedia site says that their 6 or 12 button Waci-Pad is "ideal for wall or podium mounting," we know exactly where we're putting this--next to the our front door so we can switch on all our electronics when we enter the house (or off when we leave, but that never happens).

The Waci-Pad is essentially a IR/RF/Ethernet front-end to control your DVD/TV/CD/Blu-ray player and your lights, which means it's perfect for flipping on all your junk at once. It's home automation on the level of home-builders or home-modification, which is a step above just getting a universal remote, which might be a safer bet for most readers out there. But if you want to get fancy and outfit your entertainment room like an auditorium, there you go. [Aurora Multimedia - Thanks Jason!]


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