Rabu, 27 Februari 2008

fuelcell.jpgI always wanted an RC car that didn't eat batteries like Tom Cruise devours babies there's no tomorrow. Corgi's H2Go is fuel-cell powered RC car that just needs water and light--a solar panel powers its hydrogen station, which karate chops water into oxygen and hydrogen. The station tank takes about 2 minutes to refill, and a full charge (which takes seconds) nets you about 10 minutes of zoom zooming. And the design? By Luigi Colani, famous for his work with Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. I think it actually looks more like something out of The Big O than Batman, though Big O borrows heavily from the former. Either way, it's pure plastic art. More importantly, they work--some of the hand-built prototypes were a bit twitchy, but most of them were zipping around the track with no problems.

Corgi isn't planning on stopping here either. When talke dto CEO Michael Cookson, he said it's "just the tip of the iceberg." Basically, they're looking at converting "anything to do with batteries" to fuel-cell power (I suggested toy robots), and plan on launching "a range of products" in the next year or so. Best of all, they'll all be using a universal charger--though he cautioned, the H2Go's hydrogen station might not be it. The US launch for H2Go will in Aug. or Sept. for $129.99 w/ the solar panel, or $99 without. [Giz@Toy Fair 2008]


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